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Welcome to the pediatric dental office of Dr. Patrick C. Creevan, located in Livermore, California.  

As a pediatric specialty practice, our goal is to provide quality dental care in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.  It is our sincere desire to make every child's visit to the dentist an enjoyable one.  From the moment they enter the front door, our attention is focused on your children.  By treating all family members with kindness and respect, we hope to develop a positive relationship of trust and confidence that will create a lifetime of smiles.

Dr. Patrick and his staff believe that comprehensive dental care is the best way to ensure a future of good oral health for your child.  We understand that each child is unique.  We customize each appointment according to your child's age, needs, and cooperation level.  We do not believe in pushing children beyond their ability to cooperate; we rely on time and trust to assist us when treating your child.  Using age appropriate milestones, we will educate you about what to expect during each stage of dental development and how to maintain a healthy smile for your child.

Thank you for visiting our website, please explore all of our resources, and contact us to schedule your child’s appointment.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Dr. Patrick Creevan, Pediatric Dentist, Livermore, CA

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Seasonal Office Updates:



Happy New Year!

Make your New Year's Resolution about improving your family's dental health. Here are just a few ideas we came up with:

Create a fun bathroom brush chart to encourage sticking to a schedule.  This will help everyone remember to brush morning and night.  Stickers and a calendar are a great place to start, and rewards, like a new toothbrush, can be earned at the end of each week or month after all of the stickers are counted.

Floss once everyday.  It's an easy habit to let "slide" (pun intended), but very important for cleaning in between teeth, especially the back teeth, where most cavities form.  Dental picks and flossers also provide an alternative to traditional floss for kids and adults alike.

Cut back on sweet (and especially sticky) treats that can cause cavities; this includes some sneaky culprits like raisins that sound healthy but cantain a lot of sugar and stick to the teeth.  When you do enjoy a sweet snack (because it wouldn't be any fun to cut them out entirely, even we know that!), try to brush or rinse afterwards.

Find what works for you and stay with it, Good Luck!



Happy President's Day! 

Our office will be celebrating this holiday too!  We will be closed Monday, February 16, 2015. However, this also means that up until Spring Break (see schedules below) our after school appointments, (3:15, 3:45 and 4:15) are filling up faster than usual.  If you would like to schedule during these popular appointment times, call the office as soon as you receive your first reminder postcard in the mail.  Reminder cards are mailed about a month before patients are due, in order to allow lead time to keep your children on track with their six month check-ups. If your preferred appointment time is not readily available, we are always happy to put you on a call list if cancellations occur.


March April:

Spring Break Here We Come!

Click on any of the links below to view your child’s school calendar and review the dates of your upcoming Spring Break and early-release days for added flexibility when scheduling. If your school is not listed, let us know and we will gladly add it. 

2015-2016 School Calendars

Livermore Unified

Livermore Charter



San Ramon


Lammersville/Mountain House




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